Mixology Bar in Tokyo

Here is a list of Tokyo mixology bars that you should visit while here. Unfortunately, I have not made a visit to any of the bars, and I only found the bars shown below with the location in google maps from the articles in Tokyo magazine. Attracting millions of visitors from all over the world, the city is now becoming a hub of urban culture. It also accommodates more than 10 million residents who hustle and jostle every day. That mass with power and energy is the engine of making something new, adding another aspect to what we have built, and achieved to make it more and more enjoyable. So while visiting here, you cannot simply be satisfied with what you do in other cities; you must go and try something that never has been before anywhere. And Tokyo is ready enough to offer one. These mixology bars will give you fresh insight into the enjoyment of drinking a cocktail in a nice bar with promised warm hospitality. I will also try to visit by myself to write my account of what I experienced, but first, let me give you some of the guidebook-recommended bars below.

memento mori (Toranomon)

Mixology Akasaka

Bar Benfiddich (Nishi-Shinjuku)

Rooftop Bar (Toranomon)

Bar Amber (Nishi-Azabu)

Bar Libre Ginza

Mixology Heritage (UchiSaiwaicho)

Mixology Boutique (UchiSaiwaicho)

Folklore (UchiSaiwaicho)

Bar Lounge Whisk (Hamamtasucho)

Mixology Salon (Ginza 6)

The Society (Higashi-Shinbashi)

Mixology Bar Source 2102 Tokyo (Higashi-Azabu)

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