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A list of recommended wine and whisky bars you should visit while you are in Tokyo

The introductory page is for a list of recommended bars, mainly in Tokyo. You will be directed to the pages we cover with images, comments, and locations.

A cozy bar in Ikebukuro collects fascinating whiskies from Japan and the world. You will be served by bartenders well acquainted with the features of each bottle. >further read> 

A fabulous authentic bar in the Westin Hotel in Ebisu Garden Place. A professionla bartender, gorgeous interior, and attractive collections of various liquors. It opens from daytime, too. >further read>

It is a museum of whiskies located behind the Mainstreet of Omotesando, Shibuya. You can look at their vast collections on the shelf, and if you find one that looks nice, you can sip at the counter. >further read>

A brief introductory note to the newly found Akkeshi distillery in Hokkaido island, located in north Japan, where is the known Nikka Yoichi Distillery. If you happen to find a bottle, I strongly recommend trying one!

>further read>

A nice cozy small wine bar in Shinjuku-Golden-Gai specializes in natural wines. Well-knowledged bartenders at your service. It can host only a few guests at the counter, so if you see a seat open, just come in.

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