It’s not just in the center of Tokyo where you can see the latest trends. When you’re tired of walking through the bustling streets of Shibuya or Shinjuku and want to delve deeper into exploring Tokyo, Meguro is an interesting place to experience the residential area of the upscale Tokyo district.

From Meguro Station on the Yamanote Line, which is just one stop away from Ebisu, you can take a walk down the main street towards the river. Along this path, you will come across a small shopping street where we have recently observed the emergence of trendy cafes and restaurants. While it is uncertain whether this is related to the neighboring Amazon office, the area has also attracted young visitors with its selection of craft beer pubs, making it a hub for those who follow the latest trends.

One well-known pub called “Another 8” is located just down the block on the left-hand side of the slope. They offer a range of craft beers from all over Japan and primarily have small high tables, creating a standing pub-style atmosphere. This makes it the perfect place for a quick chat with coworkers or friends after work.

Another similar counter bar, named “Scent,” can be found further down the main street before the bridge. Here, you will encounter a diverse crowd, but without the suits and ties. What sets this area apart is the presence of creative individuals, many of whom work in the fashion and entertainment industries. As a result, it attracts a different clientele compared to the business-oriented Shinjuku or the younger crowd in Shibuya.

The people in this area are more independent in their businesses and do not work like slaves in companies. As a result, the demand and taste for drinks here are more focused on specific types. The locals appreciate something unique and singular, rather than consuming large quantities of alcohol for the purpose of partying. They tend to enjoy engaging in conversations with the people around them, creating a sense of high society. This environment provides the perfect space for craft shop owners to experiment and gauge the reaction of their clientele when introducing drinks that are not readily available in the Japanese market, especially unique and difficult-to-import beverages.

While it may not be what overseas tourists expect to see in Tokyo or Japan, Meguro is a nice area to relax and feel at home during your stay. It is relatively calm and has a more natural environment. However, there are few hotels in the area, so you may need to travel to reach it. Nonetheless, Meguro offers a pleasant walk and the opportunity to slow down a little from your busy schedule.

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