Personally, I refer to this bar as “the school.” It’s the main reason why I visit here – to attend lectures or taste high-quality wines. During my first visit to Nolac, a wine bar, I stumbled upon it by chance, without any prior research or recommendations. As I entered the bar and took a seat at the counter, observing the elegant interior and selection of bottles, I immediately felt a sense of regret because I wasn’t certain if I had enough cash with me. However, I soon discovered that the quality was much better than I had anticipated, and the prices were not as high as I expected – much to my surprise. This pleasant surprise is one of the reasons why I continue to come back whenever I have the opportunity to stop by Kobe.

I want to highlight the most unique aspects of this bar. The wines at Nolac are truly amazing. The master sommelier provides everything you need for a great wine experience. In addition, the bar has a tasteful ambiance that enhances the enjoyment of the wines. From the beautiful flower arrangements on the counter to the captivating artwork on the walls, it feels like you’re sipping wine in an art gallery. The background music is played softly, adding to the chic and elegant atmosphere. The food offered to pair with the wines also showcases different styles. This fantastic place is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys drinking wine, whether silently and contemplatively or with focused appreciation.

It can be a bit challenging to locate the bar as it is situated in the center of Kobe, amidst small alleys filled with many bars. As the night progresses, it tends to become more crowded, as it is a popular spot for individuals to visit after a party. However, if you arrive early, it may be easier to enter and enjoy the atmosphere.

The bar has several seats at the counter, a few tables in the back, and a large table for groups. The owner, who is also a sommelier, runs the place entirely. He possesses extensive knowledge about the wines he offers, sourced from various regions around the world. I find it fascinating that despite his limited travel, he can accurately describe the characteristics of each bottle he serves, as if he personally visited the wineries and spent time there.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Kansai region or Kobe, be sure to visit the wine bar Nolac. It is located just a ten-minute walk from Kobe-Sannomiya, the central station in Kobe. However, please be cautious as there are many bars in the area and some individuals on the street may try to lure you into their establishments.

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