Some thoughts swirling in my head about visiting a bar and enjoying a slice of Basque cheesecake during a sober week.

lulu/ルル (学芸大学/ワインバー)

While it’s not entirely accurate, I haven’t visited any bars in the past week. It’s been quite some time since I last spent a week without stepping into a bar. Regardless, since I’ve committed to posting at least once a week, I’ll write regardless.

Lately, I’ve been avoiding bars due to changing circumstances. Bars have started reopening during late hours, which is inconvenient for me since I need to wake up early the next morning. This is particularly true for people who need to be physically present at work. Those who can work from home may not have the same issue. However, it seems wise to revert to a healthier schedule, sleeping early and waking up early. This wasn’t the case when staying home all day, as it could become confusing to even remember whether meals were lunch, dinner, or supper.

Secondly, places are becoming busier. Some bars I used to frequent often seemed empty, and I felt regretful about it. However, lately, these bars are crowded with people. It seems that people are returning to late-night socializing, especially those who have been away for a while. They now feel that everything is back to normal, and it’s safe and comfortable for them to work, shop, conduct business, and revisit the bars they once frequented.

Thirdly, I seem to be running out of topics, particularly about bars. Perhaps I’ve been to too many and have reached a point of saturation. Alternatively, the myriad of options could be making me feel content with what’s new, as they are seemingly endless.

I believe two things. Firstly, having visited many bars over the years, I’ve learned and experienced a great deal. However, I’m encountering fewer new experiences compared to when I first started blogging. I’m certain there’s still plenty of exciting things I haven’t encountered, but as I’ve visited so many bars, the chances of discovering something new are decreasing.

Secondly, regarding drinks, there’s been an influx of new craft-style makers in the whisky, shochu, gin, wine, and vodka industries. It’s challenging to keep up with everything unless you’re deeply involved in the industry. Many bars focus on specific craft brands they appreciate, providing various reasons for their preference. While these reasons are generally valid, it’s nearly impossible to stay current with the flood of information and products unless you’re involved in the liquor business. In my case, my limited budget and drinking capacity further complicate keeping up with trends.

I wanted to apologize for not posting any recent articles and for being inactive. The weather has been poor for the past few weeks, which made me reluctant to go out for a drink. However, as spring approaches, I plan to explore new places and discover more stories. As the cherry blossoms bloom, more tourists will come and evening parties among workers and friends will become common. It will be busier, noisier, and more crowded, but I hope to find some interesting hot spots.

I’m open to suggestions about where to visit next, so if there’s a new or interesting bar you know of, please let me know, perhaps through the “inquiry” section. I’m open to checking out anything as long as it’s not negative. I’m considering starting a social media account, but the idea of stepping into the spotlight is still intimidating. In the meantime, enjoy your drinks!


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