Standing Room Only Delight: A Review of Tachinomi Ura in Kurashiki 

Standing Room Only Delight: A Review of Tachinomi Ura in Kurashiki 

Coming back to Okayama for a business trip again and I enjoyed a walk around the bustling town, full of locals and tourists exploring the old town in Kurashiki. I’ve previously reviewed this town on this blog. Kurashiki is well-known for its old-style charm. Here’s what AI chatbot had to say about it with the picture I took then to illustrate what it is like visually.

Kurashiki is a city in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, known for its beautifully preserved historical district, the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. This area features charming white-walled buildings, willow trees weeping along the Kurashiki River, and traditional Japanese architecture.

the old town in Kurashiki Bikan District

I didn’t have a specific destination in mind for a drink, but I knew of a great place for fried octopus balls. Unfortunately, the shop was temporarily closed. I strolled around the area near Kurashiki station and spotted an empty counter at the corner of a main crossing. It seemed like a new business just about to open. I could see two young men inside, preparing dishes in the kitchen. I greeted the guys and inquired if the shop was open, to which they welcomed me in. I began with the beer, a local brew from Okayama. “Jimoto,” meaning local in Japanese, reflects the pride they have for their locally produced beer in Okayama. The following is the message I found on their homepage about the beer they produce.

Okayama Jimoto local beer

OKAYAMA JIMOTO BEER 086: Local Brews, Global Flavors

Explore a world of craft beers inspired by Okayama! We use premium ingredients and unique brewing methods to create delicious varieties, perfect for both beer lovers and newcomers.

Skip the ordinary, taste the craft beer difference.


okayama jimoto locak Japanese sake

Takashima Omachi is a sake made with Omachi rice, a variety known for its delicate flavor and aroma.

Sake is particularly well-regarded for its refined taste and quality. It is also known to pair well with Japanese food.

menu at the bar

The restaurant appears to be a renovated old izakaya or something similar. It probably was a two-story wooden structure, with the second floor likely removed during renovation. This style is occasionally seen even in the city center. Nowadays, trends spread so rapidly that it’s challenging to trace their origins.

looking at the ceiling of the bar

At lunch, I stopped by Unojyo port near the Seto Inland Sea. I saw a foreign couple enjoying breakfast on the terrace of a stylish cafe. Uno is known for its ferry route to Naoshima, a town famous for modern art, and I’ve noticed recently that it’s been attracting more domestic and international tourists. Before the Seto Ohashi Bridge was built, Uno thrived as a port town for the Uno Port ferry to Takamatsu in Shikoku. However, it fell into decline afterwards. I found it interesting that it’s now regaining its position as a transportation hub thanks to the ferry route to Naoshima, the art island.

Anyway, let’s get back to Kurashiki and the izakaya. Since I had already finished eating, I didn’t order anything from the food menu in particular, but it seems they have a wide variety of izakaya-style dishes. It’s an izakaya-inspired chic bar that focuses on pairing food and drinks. Located almost directly across from the intersection as you exit the station building of Kurashiki terminal, it might be a good place to stop by for a drink before heading to your hotel or on your way back. It might not be the place to relax for a long time since it’s standing-room only, but both the food and drinks are high quality and reasonably priced. I highly recommend it.


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