PEYOTE is a hidden bar located in a quiet corner of the nightlife district south of Numazu Station.

PEYOTE is a hidden bar located in a quiet corner of the nightlife district south of Numazu Station.

I recently revisited Numazu after a significant period. This city is renowned for its authentic bars, especially in the station’s southern area. However, I found the area somewhat deserted and struggled to find a bar to visit after dinner. In contrast, the nearby Mishima Station, with its convenient Shinkansen access, is more vibrant and tourist-oriented. Numazu, even in the heart of Main Street, was somewhat quiet at night.

inside the bar counter

I discovered an intriguing bar with a noren swaying in the wind. It had no fancy signs, but the interior exuded classic bar vibes. Despite being empty, the small establishment offered both counter and table seats, all tidy. One glance at the bar told me this place is the place to check out.

The owner at the bar says he had been in the States for some time, and has been running this bar for 15 years after coming back home here. He has an impressive collection of fancy Scotches and nice craft rums on the shelf behind the counter. 

I started with a New Zealand Heady IPA, which was delightful. The owner then recommended an American craft rum. Craft rums can have a flavor similar to aged Scotch, making them popular among Scotch enthusiasts. According to the owner, he sourced this particular rum from a special distributor. Needless to say, it was fantastic.

Though Numazu is the next station after Mishima on the way to Shizuoka, it lacks major tourist attractions. Efforts are being made to revitalise the city through anime and others, they say. There were, however, some new shops opened by young entrepreneurs. Perhaps due to its former prosperity, the downtown area is quite large, with stores scattered about. It’s quiet yet strangely charming. I’m definitely exploring more of this hidden gem during my next visit.


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