Getting off at Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu line and keeping right when walking down south on Yamate street, there is an excellent wine shop along the way. The shop is called “The Wine Store.”

I come here every time I need to search for good wine. Simply because all bottles they serve are not mistakenly excellent and exciting ones. My wine knowledge is minimal. And I need help searching for lovely wines, especially on occasions like inviting guests to my apartment. But I know from experience that price does not always help you find excellent wines.

And this is a perfect place to serve you a fine selection of french organic wines, mainly from the Bourgogne region. The quality of the bottles they keep in store is excellent and reasonably priced. The price range of each bottle is somewhere 3,000yen to 5,000 yen. Of course, they have more expensive bottles, but when you visit here, you mainly see on the shelves around this price range.

Added to the bottles of wine, they also have some interesting french liquor, such as organic beer, cider, and malt whiskies, all made and imported from France. The last time I visited here, I picked up a beer made by reusing grape waste from winemaking and adding fresh fruity notes.

This place is somewhat remote and not easy to access for anyone first time visiting Nakameguro. But it a worth a visit when you want to drink a fine glass of wine after drinking too much Japanese sake. They offer a tasting service inside the shop, so you can also check and see how it goes or ask for advice from the owner.

Each bottle comes with a small note for details.
Seasonale choices are placed in the wooden box on the floor.
The shop's location is somewhat hard to reach, and the opening days are irregular. Click here to visit their homepage and better checking the schedule before visiting.
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