It is a must-see place to stop by if you find yourself in a neighborhood of Golden Gai. Located in the corner of a famous nightclub in Kabukicho, the Golden Gai district hosts more than three hundred bars nestled in old second-floor buildings- which used to be a redlight district back in the old days.

Among the bars here, the PITOU is the finest bar ever in the Golden Gai. A chic and elegant interior style clearly distinguishes it from other bars. Only you pass by, and a quick gaze inside is probably enough to attract your attention; at least, that is why I found this bar the first time.

It was run by a Japanese lady who had been in Britain for a while, picked up a style of wine culture there, learned the best of natural organic wines from the world, and now presents what she acquired during the stay. Not only does she bring a reputation to Fench wineries, but she also has closer eyes on other regions of the world, such as Georgia, located in the deep Eurasian Continent and known to produce distinguishing wines from the ancient days.

When you visit this bar, just put a sheet on the counter, and you will be guided nicely by the owner or an assistant boy who has also been in England for his music study. So you now know that you don’t need to open up your Japanese travel guidebook to do pre-research on how to start communication. Like your home, you can ask whatever you wish or wait a moment to be served today’s recommendations.

And as you can imagine, this wine bar is often visited by many foreigners, and sometimes the place is full of such guests. Unfortunately, the bar accommodates no more than 10 people or so at a time; it gives 4 or 5
stool around the small L-shaped counter, and you have some extra chairs to sit on the window. Otherwise, you might need to stand somewhere in between. But they will probably somehow let you in if you explain that you came from more than a thousand miles away.

Gins and whiskies are also available
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